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Who are we ?

Colgem is a diamonds and gemstones cutting and manufacturing company, owned by Mr. Israel (Eli) Eliezri M.Sc (geology) and M.BA, who formed Colgem in 1978.

Mr. Eliezri served in the past as president of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA).

His son Mr. Oren Eliezri (B.Sc), works alongside as a partner, mainly in the manufacturing and marketing departments.

What do we do?

We buy and sell natural fancy color diamonds.

We manufacture a variety of gems among them:          

The Lapidary

Where are we?  

 We are situated at the Diamond Exchange Complex in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Natural Lilac and Light Blue Sapphire

What are our aims?

1. To give the gemstones the best possible cutting. 

2. To assist our customers in getting their needs at best value.

3. To support all sales in knowledge and disclosure.

4. To support our colleagues all around the world in creating a world gem      

    community, unified, and with honest values.


Natural Fancy Color diamonds